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Saturday, October 02, 2010
♥ 8:59 pm

If you are interested to continue reading my blog, you can drop a message on my chatbox or IM me.

Reasons are
1) I combined my 5 blogs (yes, I had FIVE) into one blog and I am going to blog everything there.
2) I wanted to link my blogspot account to my main gmail account. So since I was going to combine my blogs, I must as well transfer it to a new account too.
3) I'm going to start working in May 2011. I am not sure what type of job I will be getting. However, I don't wish to have any potential employers snooping my blog and scrutinising everything that I write.
4) So that I will know how much freedom I have to honestly write my thoughts and feelings online. I realised the cyber world is a dangerous place and I think it's about time I protect myself from the dangers that lurked unseen.

So bear with me as we make the switch ya?



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